Air Force Gen. Harencak speaks on recruiting

Air Force Major General Garrett Harencak speaks to the Ridgewood, New Jersey Rotary Club about the big challenge of bringing more recruits into the Air Force. He does a superb job of highlighting the declining role of military service in American culture.

“In 1966, 91 percent of American households had an influencer who had served in the military,” he said. “In 1995, 40 percent of American households had an influencer who served in the military. Today, in 2016, 14 percent of American families have an influencer.”

Link to article is here.


LinkedIn Article, focused on start-ups, on defining and spotting ‘A-players’ by Mitchell Harper, a start-up advisor and repeat company founder himself. A-players attract and want to be around other A-players.

Seven questions/criteria Mitchell likes for identifying A-players he is hiring for start-up firms:

  1. Have you been promoted in at least one of your previous roles?
  2. Have you had to lead a big process in a previous role?
  3. Have you recently moved from a role where you were comfortable and experienced to where you were new and inexperienced?
  4. Give me your views on our company? (speak openly and honestly)
  5. Tell me about a goal you set that was accomplished. (usage of your team to influence and achieve such goals; avoid excessive use of “I”)
  6. For the interviewer:  How would you rate the quality and quantity of the questions the candidate asked you during the interview?

  7. Can the candidate demonstrate commitment to continual learning?



Roundtable Meeting – May 4 at Wings Club

Our next Roundtable meeting will be at the Wings Club on Wed. May 4 at 5:30PM-6:30PM.

We’ve set Oct 13, 2016 as the date of the Roundtable Annual at NYSSA. Planning will begin in earnest for the fall event beginning at our May 4 meeting.

Please plan to join us and help ensure this hallmark event is a wild success!

The Wings Club entrance is on the south east corner of the mezzanine level of 200 Park Ave (the MetLife building). From the center of Grand Central Terminal, take the escalators  up to the ground floor of the Met Life Building, then take the second set of escalators up to the mezzanine level. The wings club entrance is to the right, once exiting the second set of escalators.