LinkedIn Article, focused on start-ups, on defining and spotting ‘A-players’ by Mitchell Harper, a start-up advisor and repeat company founder himself. A-players attract and want to be around other A-players.

Seven questions/criteria Mitchell likes for identifying A-players he is hiring for start-up firms:

  1. Have you been promoted in at least one of your previous roles?
  2. Have you had to lead a big process in a previous role?
  3. Have you recently moved from a role where you were comfortable and experienced to where you were new and inexperienced?
  4. Give me your views on our company? (speak openly and honestly)
  5. Tell me about a goal you set that was accomplished. (usage of your team to influence and achieve such goals; avoid excessive use of “I”)
  6. For the interviewer:  How would you rate the quality and quantity of the questions the candidate asked you during the interview?

  7. Can the candidate demonstrate commitment to continual learning?



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