Lunch with ‘Mission Critical’ author, Mike Abrams

Lance Widner (Oppenheimer), Nick Younker (Trident Group), and Matt Noll (Fitch Ratings) met author Mike Abrams at the NYAC on Jan 28 to bring Mike into the fold with our efforts.

We’re thrilled to report that Mike is very interested in lending a hand and will be joining us on the occasions he is in NYC.

Mike’s book discusses leadership, the ability to work toward a common goal, personal accountability and communication skills. When these attributes are combined with the high ambitions of many former service members, it’s a potent force that doesn’t always fit into many corporations that aren’t functioning to the levels expected in the military.

How those issues mix? — check out the book!

Mike and his wife are expecting their first baby by March — good luck Abrams family!!

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