Mission Critical: Unlocking the Value of Veterans in the Workforce

Michael Abram’s and Julia Taylor Kennedy’s Mission Critical: Unlocking the Value of Veterans in the Workforce is an essential collection of stories and research on the experiences of veteran transitions. Corporate recruiters and executives interested in understanding the ambitions and mindsets of the veterans they bring into their organizations could benefit greatly from the 90 minutes it takes to read the book.

The book highlights the gap between just recruiting veterans, and providing a fulfilling, supportive work environment for them. The message is clear that while initiatives to bring veterans into the workforce abound, once inside corporations, many struggle integrating with their organizations.

The role of sponsors in curing some of the issues is critical. Sponsors can be hard to find, tough to convince and conflicted by protecting their own professional interests. Still, organizations are slowly recognizing that veterans, like women and minority subgroups, can benefit from ongoing support networks, which can foster more sponsors.

The book was convincingly researched and filled with individual situations. As a veteran with twenty years of post-military career, the book was greatly impactful. Find it on Amazon here.


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